Illuminati Interns

Lola wants nothing more than to find her long lost father, whom she believes to be a member of the Illuminati. However, the only way into the secret society is through their extremely competitive internship program... On her journey, Lola must contend with her conspiracy theorist sister, a mysterious boy with a mannequin hand, and the nefarious members of the Illuminati themselves.

Starring Ariana Raygoza, Raina Morris, Joe Therrien Kelly, Phil Jamesson, Kai White, Vinny Thomas, Cole Hersch, Ben Marshall, Moss Perricone, Usama Siddiquee, Lara Clear, Sergio Duran, and Erik Lochtefeld. Written, directed, and edited by Joe Therrien Kelly, mixed and mastered by João Viegas, and produced by Joe Therrien Kelly, Ariana Raygoza, and Maya Bakhai, with theme song by James Mullany, and art direction and design by Erika Jaquez.